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Health Point of the Week

We hope everyone had a good summer.

We are offering the flu vaccine to our patients 6 months of age and older and their families. Please call the office and let us know when you want to come in for your vaccine. Appointments for vaccines are available any time the office is open.

It should be covered by insurance for most of our patients.

If parents want us to provide them (the parents) with the flu vaccine, there will be a charge of $35 for the Quadrivalent Vaccine that must be paid via cash, check or credit card at the time of vaccination. Parents must be in good health for us to provide them with the vaccine.

The Flu Vaccine has been very helpful in the prevention of influenza for our patients. We have conscientiously encouraged all of our patients to consider the vaccine, and the result has been very few cases of influenza amongst our children.

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If your child experienced school problems this year, now is the time to contact your physician. We spend a great deal of time helping our patients who are experiencing academic, behavior or focusing issues. We will work closely with you, the school, and other specialists to explore ways to help your child succeed and improve their school experience. If we can work with you in the fall, we have time to get information from the school, meet with you, possibly get additional evaluations, and start developing a plan for a more successful school year.


Make sure you discuss with your children what to do in case of a fire in your home. This should include many details such as how to exit the house from all different locations, how and when to notify others in the house, where to meet when outside of the house, and alerting 911. The detail and level of information and expectations should be age appropriate. Consult your local fire department for more details and advice.