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Health Point of the Week


The Flu Vaccine has been very helpful in the prevention of influenza for our patients. We have strongly encouraged all of our patients to get the vaccine each year, and the result has been fewer and/or milder cases of influenza. This year, in the era of COVID-19, protection against the flu is even more important.

In order to vaccinate the greatest number of people safely and efficiently, we will have 2 Flu Clinics that will be held outside on our rear parking lot. These clinics will take place on Wednesday, September 30 and Thursday, October 8  from 5 pm to 7 pm. Appointments are required to attend these clinics – walk-ins will not be accepted. These clinics are open to our patients and their family members only.

 Here is the process:

  • Call the office at 410-795-7300 and make an appointment for all of your family members receiving a flu vaccine. Parents/guardians (nonpatients) who desire to receive a Flu vaccine themselves will be charged $35 for this service. This must be paid in advance over the phone via credit card. We will keep a list of all nonpatients who requested the vaccine for themselves and completed the payment process. Nonpatients must be in good health for us to provide them with the vaccine.
  • Please bring a pen to sign the Vaccine Administration Record similar to the form you have signed in past years.
  • Every person getting the vaccine should wear loose fitting clothing allowing access to injection site in upper arm or upper thigh without removal of clothing.
  • Every person (parent and child) 2 years and older MUST be wearing a mask. No mask – no vaccine.
  • When you come to our parking lot, you will drive up the right side of the building to the 1st Orange Cone. At that point, you will “check in” and will be directed to an area where you will wait IN YOUR CAR until there is availability at the administration area. At this point, you will be directed to a spot where you will get out of your car and proceed to one of the two doctors administering the vaccine.
  • If possible, please have all children removed from any carriers prior to walking from your car to the actual administration station.
  • Following the vaccination, you will return to your car and exit the parking lot on the opposite side of the building.


  • Everyone who will get out of the car – parent & child 2 and older – must wear a mask.
  • Do not come to the Flu Clinic if you do not have an appointment.
  • No parent or “nonpatient” will receive the vaccine unless they have prepaid by credit card and we have your name on the “Nonpatient List”.
  • No one should be vaccinated if they are sick or have a fever over 100.4.

Appointments for vaccines are also available any time the office is open.  IF YOU CAN NOT ATTEND EITHER VACCINE CLINIC, please call the office and let us know when you want to come in for your vaccine.



We appreciate how difficult the last 6 months have been for everyone. We are glad we have been able to help many of you through these difficult times. Whether interacting with you in our regular office, in our new “Suspicious Illness Office” on the first floor, or over the phone with “Telemedicine”, we are still available 24/7.

 Following Governor Hogan’s announcement that non-urgent medical visits can resume, we are now scheduling appointments for routine office visits. While still maintaining the CDC recommended procedures to protect everyone’s health, we are encouraging our patients to resume all check-ups and follow-ups that have been postponed.

  As a result of starting Telehealth visits to cope with the health emergency, we have discovered that this type of visit is useful and convenient for some conditions, but in most cases an in-office visit is more effective. We will continue to use Telehealth for select health issues. Most issues (physical, emotional and academic) are best dealt with early on, and postponing treatment is often dangerous.

 To help ensure everyone’s safety we have implemented the following:

  • Patients are screened for any suspicious symptoms at the time of making their appointment and the day before their appointment.
  • A notice is on the door of the building and office that we must be notified if anyone has any suspicious symptoms.
  • Anyone with “suspicious symptoms” is seen by us in a DIFFERENT OFFICE ON THE FIRST FLOOR WITH A SEPARATE BUILDING ENTRANCE.
  • Every exam room is thoroughly cleaned between every patient.
  • Patients are being spaced out to minimize waiting with others in any of our 3 waiting areas.
  • All of our staff are screened regularly and wear masks. Full PPE with gowns, gloves and eye protection are used as needed for higher risk patients.
  • We have made some structural changes in the office to decrease the spread of infection.
  • Patients over 2 years old and family members are required to wear masks in our office. As long as our supply lasts, we will supply them for you if you do not have them. You may also use your own PPE if you desire.

Please feel free to contact us with any concerns. We look forward to seeing you for your child’s check-ups, follow-ups, and any other health issues.