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New Affiliation

30th May 2023

We have some exciting news!

Carroll Pediatric Center has joined a large group of independent top notch Pediatric practices in the Maryland, Virginia, DC area. This group was started five years ago by several independent Pediatric practices which wanted to protect their ability to provide the type of care Pediatricians know is best for the well-being of children, and at the same time receive assistance with billing, human resource management, purchasing, and many other areas.

We will remain Carroll Pediatric Center with the same name, providers, staff, and office.

With this change, probably the only thing you will notice will be that the Trusted Doctors logo will sometimes be with the CPC logo, and there will be a change in your billing invoices. The new billing invoices will note Trusted Doctors as the billing entity. Please do not discard or ignore these invoices as they are from Carroll Pediatric Center but just coming from a different address and entity. You will continue to receive bills from Carroll Pediatric Center addressing any dates of service prior to May 1, 2023. Again, please do not discard or ignore these invoices as we will need to complete our billing cycle ourselves up through that date.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact Mandy or Kathy at Carroll Pediatric Center.

Thanks for entrusting us with the care of your children.